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27 Holes

Voted "Best of Mower County" by the Austin Daily Herald.

A Course Created By A Family For Their Community

Many who visit the Meadow Greens Golf course, find the beautiful 27-hole track even more enchanting when they hear the history of it. The course was born from the dreams of a farming family who wanted to provide their community with an alternate location to satisfy the every-increasing addiction of the local golf enthusiasts. The family utilized the resources they had and the final product they create surpassed even their own expectations. The vision of a 65-year-old, retired farmer and his ambitious son started as a small 9-hole golf course and evolved into a versatile, one-of-a-kind golf destination.

The land was purchased by founders Larry and Barb Grinstead in 1972. Larry pursued both hog and crop farming for 6 years and continued crop farming into the early 90’s. As he approached retirement, he recognized that local enthusiasm for golf was at an all time high, and a seed of motivation took root in his mind. He wanted to create a modest, 9-hole course to provide the community with an alternative option for a round or two on the green.

Larry started this endeavor in 1991. Seeing his father’s determination, Larry’s son, Mike Grinstead, decided he could not let his father take this project on alone. Mike was a hog farmer himself and sold his farm to move his family to Austin, MN, to help his father fulfill his vision. Utilizing the infrastructure and land they had available, they made it work. Today, the clubhouse is the old barn where the hogs nursery and farrowing was done. When you visit the fully stocked pro shop, take a moment to admire the infrastructure and history of the building.

Continuing on their journey

Soon they enhanced the land they had and added to the course. In 1995, Larry and Mike started the construction of another 9 holes that is more linksy than the front 9. They continued to build the long 9 holes surrounded by beautiful meadows, trees, and fields. The back 9 opened in 1997 and was ready for play. Over the years, the land has developed around each hole and, to the delight of our patrons, can be challenging to even the most seasoned golfer.

In 2011, a neighboring golf course shut down, and Meadow Greens’ growth continued. Mike leased the land, rearranging the entire course to make it more maintainable and unique. That old course, built in the early 1940s, brings along it’s own unique history. The beautifully developed golf course along the Cedar River has trees that are over 100 years old and is arguably one of the more beautiful pieces of land in Mower County.

Keeping the dream alive

The Grinstead family has worked together over the years to create and maintain a beautiful golf course, encouraging an environment that is welcoming. And just as Mike worked alongside his father Larry to bring the dream of Meadow Greens to life, Mike’s kids now share their creativity, hard work, and passion to fulfill what needs to be done. You will see his daughter Briana and son Riley in the club house and son Noah keeping the grounds in the best shape. The Grinstead family is passionate about creating the best experience for each golfer and strive to improve however they can to ensure their patrons’ needs are met.

The land where a farmer once worked the fields and tended to his livestock was transformed by a thought that grew into a 27-hole course. With 3 different 9-hole tracks, a driving range, and a fully stocked pro shop, Meadow Greens is an environment where you can enjoy your golf experience to the fullest. Come out to beautiful Meadow Greens to enjoy a round on the course we take great pride in.